Most Admired Customer Engagement (Campaigns, Creatives, Activities) - Executed From April 2020 Onwards
Each Entry will Have 1 Main Category and 1 Sub Category
(You Can submit multiple Entries For Each Campaign which best describes the Campaign/Creativity/Activity) from the list of Sub Category
Main Category Sub-Category
(The Medium of Customer Engagement) (How Best you describe It)
• Digital Marketing • Innovation
• Mobile Marketing • Creativity
• Radio • Effectiveness
• Print & Publishing • Successful Use of Technology
• Television • Innovative Loyalty Program
• Out Of Home Media • Successful Use of CSR activity
• Retail Touch Points and Merchandising • Effective use of Customer Feedback
• Events and Promotions • Best use of Celebrity Endorsement
• BTL Activities • Effective use of Market Research
• Online Media • Promotions ( only for Television, Radio, Newspaper ) from April 2019 onwards
• Word of Mouth Marketing  
• Non Traditional Media  
• Data Driven Marketing  
• Email Marketing  
• Customer Service  
• Experiential Marketing  
• PR  
• Social Media App  
• AI (Artificial Intelligence)  
• Most Admired Social Message  
                                                                                                  Most Admired Customer Engagement PODCAST
Business News & Politics
Comedy Religion & Spirituality
Education Science & Medicine
Entertainment Society - Culture
General Podcasting Sports & Recreation
Health Storyteller - Drama
Kids & Family Technology
Music TV & Film
  Grand Prix Award Categories    
Most Admired Digital Marketing Agency for Customer Engagement Most Admired Television Channel for Customer Engagement
Most Admired Mobile Marketing Agency for Customer Engagement Most Admired OOH Media Agency for Customer Engagement
Most Admired Radio Station for Customer Engagement Most Admired Online Media for Customer Engagement
Most Admired BTL Agency for Customer Engagement Most Admired Customer Engaged Brands
Most Admired Newspaper for Customer Engagement
  Individual Awards  
• Digital Marketing Professional of the Year • Radio Jockey of the Year 
• Customer Engagement Professional of the Year • Apprentice Jockey of the year
• Outdoor Media Professional of the Year • Celebrity Jockey of the year 
• Young Customer Engagement Professionals of the year (Sectorwise)   


• Name of the Agency/Client - This will come on winners trophy
• Upload the Write-up (Google Drive) - Max 500 words in PPT, PDF or Word Doc & upload the file on Google Drive and share the Link in public sharing mode
• Upload the supportives (Google Drive) - (Images, PPT etc) on Google Drive & Copy the link in public sharing mode Max 3
• Upload the Video on Youtube - Copy the link in Entry Details Sheet (Max 2)
• Upload Audio file on Sound Cloud - Copy the link Max 2 (if any)…compulsory for radio award categories

Criteria/Details for Entry Submission for Customer Engagement Campaigns, Creatives, Activities

• Highlight any unique campaigns that resulted in improved customer engagement (April 2019 onwards).
This will also include campaigns started before the time frame but has to be ongoing in the given financial year.

• Max 500 Words Write up(Covering Note to Justify Your Entry Which Should Include (Not Compulsory to be in the same pointers). 
Concept, Media Strategy & Plan, Target Audience, Execution & Results if you can provide) to be uploaded on google drive along with relevant supportive. 

• Highlight new technology implementations/processes that improved customer engagement (if applicable).

For Individual & Organisation Awards

• Write up of not more than 2000 words (Concept, Implementation of Innovative Ideas and Key Achievements, Awards received (if any) 
• Campaigns/Activities executed from April 2019 onwards can be submitted as supportives (to be uploaded on google drive , links of videos (from youtube) if any. 

  Entry Fees (Each Nomination)  
  USD 165 / AED 610 INR / 12,000 + 18% GST  
  Discounted Fees for Multiple Entries   
11 - 20 Entries 5% on USD 165 / AED 610 / INR 12,000 each  
21 and Above  10% on USD 165 / AED 610 / INR 12,000 each  
                                                                           Payment Mode: Cheque / Bank Transfer / Google Pay / PayPal
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